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Chihuahua Breeders Link's & Supply's

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Some below have Show type chunky and terrier some have Deer type.

American Kennel Club

Cheap male diapers and crate pads& beds.

Awesome dog Jewelery

Revival animal Breeders supplys

KV Vet Pet & Breeders supply's

Beth We Love and toy dog Clothing and Belly Bands

Terrific Pet's Pet Meds

Chihuahua Connection Magazine breeder listings and info

Lil Keepers

Blackreaf MN/SD border

Lavida NE Kansas

Sun Gold Chihs IN

Yeshua's North GA

Jazzy Chihuahuas KY

Ruby Star OH

Green Haven Mayfield KY

The Chihuahua Ranch West TN

Wolfe Chihuahuas East OK

Susan Cole Cole Inn Chihuahuas Indiania

Sarah Meggit Canada

Sin-Sation Chihuahuas Akron OH.

Vallyrie Chihuahua West Virigina

Bodenburgh Creek Pamer Alaska

Prancing Chih's Vancouver WA

Lil' Whiz Chihs. Aberdeen WA

Cindyrilli's Chihuahuas Alaska

Premier Seattle WA

Dragon hill upper SC

HI-C Upper SC


Collin-Dells upper SC

Schroeders Springfiels MI

JLS NW Pennsylvinia

Ceja CA

Hayes Ohio

Susy's Lakeland FL

Jen's North CA

Chaves North Iowa

Monikas Passions Smithville TX

Chihuahua Palace Quebec Canada


MtnView Joyce CKC West KY