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DebDans Deb & Dan Ammons. Click links above to see our dogs, Below about us.


We or Deb and Dan Ammons. I Give credit to God and my husband Daniel of 30 years for being able to have my 4 legged babies. 
AKC Chihuahuas only for 28 years. My babies are the center of my life.Many of my girls over 6 lbs but come from smaller lines. We or working to lower size. But mostly breeding for sound dogs.Personality and build is consern #1. Merles Lovers welcome here. I did have one who passed after a c section and hope to have a  granddaughter some day. I love all colors.
 Chihuahuas are a live loving companion. And much thought and care should be put into adding one as a family member. They can not be left on a shelf like a teddy bear till you have time to play with them.
My precious chihuahuas or sold to pre approved homes. References will be checked.
Pet shops, brookers or puppy mills not welcome.
Small breeders trying to improve or welcome to own my babies if not intending to breed them to deer type/pet quality. .
Breeding should be done for love of  the breed. Because it is long hours for little finical return.If dogs taken to vet, feed a good quality food, treates and toys.You will spend all you take in and even more. So you work for little return . Except a whole lot of unconditional love from your dogs.So breeders expecting to make money run don't walk. Chihuahuas or not the breed to get into.
Pet owners and breeders needing help(not vet info when dog in trouble GO TO VET) or welcome to email if they need info or help. Again not vet help. I am not a vet.I can be a friend.A good friend is a wonderfull thing.
Last but not least is my very loved Eclectus Parrot Emerald and our Maine Coon Cat Lucy both sitting on there favorite perch Dan why he watches TV.
The most unusuall best friends.

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2011 after I lost 115 lbs after Stomach Bypass